MedLife Scrubs founded by Tewan in 2018. Medlife Scrubs was created to bring more life to the basic Medical Field scrubs. 
Tewan received his CNA license in June of 2017 and shortly after announced to his family and friends that he was starting a scrub line that he could wear to work and so could others. 
Tewan decided to choose the name " Medlife Scrubs " simply because being in the Medical field there's someone who's life is in your hands. So Medlife was the perfect choice . 

Tewan Napier


Tewan became a Certified Nursing Assistant ( CNA ), and is currently in school in hopes to be a Registered Nurse. One day at work a thought came across his mind to one day be able to wear his own scrub line to work. After putting it on the back burner for a few months he finally decided to go ahead and do the research to start his line. Being so optimistic and self driven, he did the things he needed to do for his dream to become a reality.